Hospital-Employed Physicians and the Medical Staff
Hospitalists aren’t the only ones becoming employed with the hospitals; increasingly, physicians seeking shelter from the hassle factors of private practice or needing coverage after malpractice insurance evaporates or believing that hospital employment will provide a more livable lifestyle are being hired by hospitals. Should the medical staff treat employees differently from the “unemployed” physicians? Can the medical staff sort out the conflicts of interests of physicians whose relationship with the hospital is primarily financial? How are credentialing, hearing rights and other peer review issues affected? Should employees serve in medical staff leadership? These issues and more are critical to those who are not employed with the hospital. Organized Medical Staffs need to be aware of the conflicts of interests that are presented with these two groups. Should you have technical questions, please contact the AMA Unified Service Center at 1-800-621-8335. If you have questions regarding the content, please contact Katie Pajak at or 1-312-464-5450.
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Hospital-Employed Physicians and the Medical Staff: Ramifications for Quality and Professionalism
Release Date: September 12, 2013
End Date: September 12, 2014


  1. Identify the conflicts of interests' issues that are presented by hospital employment of physicians. 
  2. Explain how to adjust bylaws to address physician employment.
  3. Demonstrate why self-governing medical staff is more vital than ever for both "employed" and "unemployed" physicians' patients.

Target Audience
This activity is designed for medical staff leaders (Chief of Staffs, Medical Staff Presidents, Medical Directors and Medical Staff members,) medical staff service professionals and medical staff legal counsel. 

Statement of Need
There is a need to provide education on effective strategies for employed physicians versus non-employed physicians and the effects on medical staffs and their self-governance in order to prevent conflicts between the two and provide optimal patient care within the hospital. 

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Planning Committee
Roger Brown, PhD – AMA CME Program Committee
James DeNuccio, MBA - Director of Physicians in Practice/AMA
Louita C. Edje, MD - OMSS Representative/AMA
James A. Goodyear, MD, FACS – OMSS Representative/AMA
Stephen T. House, MD - OMSS Representative/AMA
Brian D. Johnston, MD - OMSS Representative/AMA
Robert G. Pugach, MD - OMSS Representative/AMA
Arthur D. Snow, Jr, MD - OMSS Governing Council Chair/AMA
Katie Pajak, MEd - Program Development Administrator/AMA
Lewis D. Yecies, MD - OMSS Representative/AMA

Elizabeth A. Snelson, Esq., Counsel to Medical Staffs

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Should you have any questions regarding this activity please contact Katie Pajak at or 312.464.5450.

Should you have technical questions, please contact the AMA Unified Service Center at 1-800-621-8335.
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